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Did you know that Q Technical Services (UK) Ltd of Telford provide specialist labour and equipment services to City and Guilds Level 2 medium risk confined spaces?

What is a medium risk confined space?

A medium risk confined space exists where there are access issues, an expectation of a specified risk and escape breathing apparatus must be taken in.

We are so proud that all our engineers have recently retaken the required two day course and achieved City and Guilds qualifications 6150-02 which covers and trains in all the requirements of :

• The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 • Identification of risks and their control • Workplace safety • Weil’s Disease and sewage decontamination • Hazardous atmospheres and gas monitoring • The risk assessment process • Operation of safe systems of work • Use of permit to work control measures • Personal Protective Equipment • Selection of suitable equipment • IP ratings, intrinsically safe and ATEX approved • Equipment pre-use inspection and safe operation • Fall arrest systems • Emergency procedures • Escape breathing apparatus – theory • Escape breathing apparatus – practical • Theory test • Practical training • Practical assessment

For all your electrical, fire & safety, access & security & specialist facilities services and hire plant simply give us a call on 01952 580947 or e mail helpdesk@qgroup.uk.com

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Solar Powered Automatic Barrier

Solar Barrier 2New solar powered barrier system!

Q Technical Services of Telford are proud to introduce the latest Auto Mate high tech barrier system which uses solar power, giving in excess of 300 operations per day.  The solar panels can also run the ancillary devices such as timers and a proximity access control system along with safety devices including induction loops and safety edges.

A special control panel has been developed to help reduce the consumption of the ancillary equipment, freeing up stored power from the solar panels to allow a greater number of operations from the barrier.

New induction loop technology has also been incorporated, consuming very little power when in use, preventing the barrier from closing whilst a vehicle is under the boom.  The same system can also be used to allow a free exit system.

Radio technology has been implemented for use with the intercom system. This allows the intercom at the entrance allowing to work off of battery power, which is coupled with a rechargeable portable intercom handset that sits within over 250 metres away in reception.

The cost effective savings that can be made with the removal/reduction of foundations and civil works i.e digging and ducting, running power cables from the building etc can be on occasions half than the costs of mains supplied units.

We feel that the savings on civil works and the fact that there are no energy costs for running the barrier should appealed greatly to our clients.

The possibilities for this type of barrier are endless – from countryside car parks and forestry roads to businesses with remote locations.

Traffic lights and speed signs are just two other examples of our products that can be ran off of solar power.

If you would like any more information at all about solar powered systems, please give us a call on: 01952 580947 or e mail us at helpdesk@qgroup.uk.com

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Using existing coax cables in IP systems with the new IP cabling solution from Q Technical

Q Technical Services are pleased to announce that Lilin’s new PMH-IP01/H IP cabling solution now allows you to use your existing coax cabling within a new IP recording system, removing the need to replace the existing infrastructure; saving you both time and money.

The PMH-IP01/H allows you to connect up to 4 coax cables simultaneously whilst providing you with one Ethernet output. This means you can now have 1080P/2MP IP quality from your cameras where it was previously impossible due to cabling restrictions.

Upgrading your cameras to IP using the PMH-IP01/H in three easy steps:

  1. Simply replace your existing      analogue camera with an IP alternative.
  2. Connect the new IP      camera to the existing coax cable using the PMH-IP01.
  3. Connect the other end of the coax cable to the PMH-IP01H Ethernet Switch.

Now you have an RJ45 output to connect to your IP recording solution/network, it really is as simple as that!

For further information on this product or for any of your Electrical, Fire & Safety, Access & Security and Facilities Services & Hire Plant needs simply call us at Q Technical Services on 01952 580947 or e mail us your request or requirements at helpdesk@qgroup.uk.com

Paxton Access Net2 Entry – Now with SIP integration

Net2-Entry-VRDiscover the benefits of SIP compatibility from Q Technical Services of Telford in our cartoon. Customers can now answer the door from any SIP enabled device, including smartphone, tablet or PC with a Net2 Entry system.


What is SIP?

SIP is a standardised method of sending and receiving video and voice over IP systems (VoIP).

So what does Net2 Entry SIP compatibility mean to you?

It means that a new Net2 Entry system is instantly more flexible as it enables you to choose the method by which you answer calls from entrance panels. You can view who is at the door and choose whether to allow access.

What are the benefits of Net2 Entry SIP compatibility?

• SIP creates seamless integration and a unified platform, and makes your system more flexible and scalable

• Offers interoperability over the IP network is an affordable solution, meaning you don’t have to pay every time you add a new site to your Net2 Entry system

• You can affordably pick up your SIP phone from anywhere in the world

• SIP integration shows that we are ahead of the game, helping you to future proof your services in offering you the latest technology

Which devices can I use to answer the door?

There are 3 main options; on a mobile smart phone, a dedicated desktop software application (PC or laptop) or existing VoIP equipment that is SIP compliant.

Where would Net2 Entry SIP compatibility be applicable?

SIP is ideal for apartment complexes, student accommodation, leisure or healthcare sites; any building where flexible security is an advantage.

How do you set the system up to answer a call on your iPhone or Android device?

A cloud based SIP server/service is required. Essentially, this service acts like Skype to relay calls from the Net2 Entry Panel to your smart phone. A SIP app will need to be installed on the smartphone to receive the calls and the Net2 Entry Panel is simply connected to a network with internet access.

How do I set up the system to answer a call on a desktop application or existing SIP hardware?

A local SIP server is required. There may already be one installed, and we can check with your network administrators or IT departments on site for further assistance.



Feeling the heatwave – Let Q Technical of Telford help you cool down

photoWe are now officially in a summer heat wave and it currently looks set to continue.

Are you feeling it?

Here at Q Technical we still have some DIO and Xpelair 14,000 BTU Compact air conditioning units for hire from £54.00 per week (exc delivery and set up).

The only requirements of these compact units is that they must be located by and vented out to a opening window

Call us on 01952 580947 or e mail us helpdesk@qgroup.uk.com if you would like to discuss your requirements